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Play Tazmanian Devil Munching Madness (GBC) For Free!

Tazmanian Devil Munching Madness in your online Gameboy Color Emulator


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LOONEY TUNES: TAZ MUNCHING MADNESS features Taz from the timeless cartoons from Warner Brothers in his first adventure on Game Boy Color. Playing the game gives the player the same feel as watching the cartoon show with Taz's signature twist and amusing moments. Presented in a 2D look, the graphics, and scenes on every level have a colorfully appealing view from the top down over the game play. Taz must embark on a mission to save his friend, Wendal T. Wolf from Bull Gator and his crony, Axl. Taz ventures away from his home in Tasmania and must pass through the Amazon Jungle, Amsterdam, Switzerland, the Greek Islands, China, Australia, and more. Those familiar with Taz's character on the Looney Tunes cartoons will recognize the fact that Taz hasn't lost his taste for strange and unusual objects as his food source and continues with that practice in his game. Taz literally has to eat his way through each level in order to advance to the next level. Food has significant importance how victorious Taz will be in his mission and even becomes functional at some points. The more food Taz consumes, the faster he will advance and the closer he will get to rescuing his friend. The road to the rescue will be littered with obstacles and challenges from Taz's enemies. Fans of the Looney Tunes cartoons will want to own this game as well as anyone who enjoys colorful, fast-paced and challenging game play.

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