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Play Maya the Bee The Great Adventure (GBA) For Free!

Maya the Bee The Great Adventure in your online Gameboy Advance Emulator


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Europe-only jump'n'run game based on the popular TV series and children's book by Waldemar Bonsels. Willie, Maya's best friend is missing. Help Maya to find her buddy through 16 vivid game areas in four worlds. Explore the bee-hive without being caught by the guard-bees. Walk the poppy fields, but beware of ants and hornets, then travel across the pond, where you will encounter dragon flies and jumping and spitting fishes, to the forest, where you will face off with mosquitos and termites. All of Maya's friends will help you throughout your journey: Cassandra the teacher, Flip the grasshopper, Alexander the mouse and Puck the house fly. Can you help Maya to find and rescue her friend Willie?

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